Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Nothing is Impossible

I am your servant Lord
And though right now I dread this path
I am willing
May it be to me as you have said

For nothing is impossible with you
Even I can do great things
If I am willing to accept your way
You can bless me more than I could ever dream

Oh how I praise you Lord
Even now in these hard times
You have used me to glorify your name
I did not deserve the honor given me
But I could not refuse

I never would have dared imagine
A life beyond the one I had
But now my life was changed forever
I can't go back, but I don't want to

The road ahead is long and hard
But I believe you will fulfill your promises
You will do great things through me
And satisfy me with good things

The light from heaven will soon come down
For all the world to see
And you chose me to be the first
I am the one to bear the child
Who has come to set us free

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