Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Jesus March

On June 10, 2000, I went to the March for Jesus, and it was raining--hard and lots--the whole time. It was still cool and these are my thoughts about it.

Jesus March

God's people
Marching through the streets
Shout a loud "Amen!"
To the one who made your heart and soul
Sing with all your might
To the one who made the skies
Even though the skies are gray and cloudy
Let the streets resound with singing
Let the dancing never stop
If this is a test to prove our faithfulness
Let us not grow weary
Send your blessings in the rain
Pour them out upon us
May your peace rain in these streets
I will never stop dancing
The people of this world tremble in awe
To see God at work in His people
Rain cannot drench the joy
Or put out the flame He's planted
Maybe they'll see something real in us
Soaked to the bone
Not just with water, but with your love
We take to the streets
Not in violence or protest
But to dance and sing and pray
For the flame he has ignited in us
Is only strengthened by the rain

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