Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Face to Face

You speak in words
My heart can't understand
You move in ways
My mind can't know
You're unreachable and unattainable
Yet you reached out to me
To love me

I still can't understand
The mystery of your grace
And why you gave your life
For me
You love me, the unlovable
And save me, the unsaveable
The impossible is possible
With you

Sometimes you seem so far away
And yet my heart still needs
To know you
I want to know the unknowable
And see the invisible
I want the impossible to be possible
For me

I want to keep reaching
I know I'll always be searching
To know you more
Any why you are who you are
You are so silent up in heaven
Come down to me, into my heart
Let me see you face to face

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