Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Fallen Out Of Love

I seem to change my mind so easily
My flame is flickering - at best
I remember a time
When my heart burned for you
My soul yearned for you
And I loved you passionately
But oh, what's happened now?
Am I falling out of love with you?

Can this be real?
And I who I think I am?
I know I'm not what I once was
But I want to go back
I want to feel your arms around me
I want to let your love surround me
But my heart is cold
And my mind is numb
How can this possibly be true?

I see grey where it once was black and white
I see a hole in my heart
I want to love you, I know I need you
Please don't let this be real
Am I saying good-bye?
Is this closing the door?
Am I saying I don't love you anymore?
Have I fallen out of love with you?

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