Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Feeling Yellow

I am a coward
Too ashamed to face myself
The crowds who hate me
The God who made me
Bitter tears I've wept
For the God that I denied
I said I'd give my life
But I lied
I said I would stay true
But I'm yellow through and through

I hate myself for what I've done
To me, to him
I turned my back
And then he died
If only I hadn't

The world in darkness
The Son of God is dead
And I was too yellow
To identify with him
Too afraid to tell the truth
The rooster crows
I can see what I've done
I denied my Lord
I knew who he was
But was too afraid to show it

I'm disgusted with myself
Of all people I knew better
Yet I purposely hid
I said I wouldn't fall away
But I did

He'll never want me back
And now he's dead
In his last hours
I could not even be there
I fell away

Rotten and diseased
My heart beats no more
I died inside
The day I denied
It's too late
To say I'm sorry

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