Friday, October 12, 1990

A Consuming Fire

I'm staring at the flames
For they have me hypnotized
I'm being drawn in
I can't stop it
But I don't want to
The fire will singe
The fire will burn
This fire comsumes me
And I'll never be the same again

There is something in the flames
That is calling out to me
I hear his voice
Singing to me softly
Drawing me in to be burned
No one can survive this fire
It is here we must die
But I'll go gladly
I need to be consumed by you

This burning is so painful
And I'm being melted down
But from the ashes I will rise
No longer as myself
No longer just human
I am consumed by you
And I am yours
There's not much left of me
But what is here is precious gold

The old must die in this fire
The dross must be refined
So I can shine with you
I have died in you
So I can live with you
And stay forever in the fire
So consumed by you
There's no room left for me
There's no room left for anyone but you

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